Possesses extensive experience in providing focused leadership as a PRESIDENT/PARTNER. Pro-active professional with diverse responsibilities encompassing finance, human resource, marketing, sales and operations. Extensive record of achievement and integrity. Utilizes vast government and social contacts in the Far East to showcase strategic protection for corporations and an array of products and services. 

• Experience working with ultra-wealthy investors for large scale projects     

• Knowledgeable with dealing with various financial instruments      

• Specializing in procuring sources of finance for international investments 

• Developing and enhancing profitable long-term client relationships     

• Successfully negotiated several multi-million-dollar contracts Strategically plans project directions and management systems that produce at the most effective performance levels  

Owner of Vilai Collections (1983 to 2004) – Multiple United State Furniture Showrooms. Directly accountable for the importing and exporting of multiple product lines of merchandise and various exotic items.  Performed all operations of both the wholesale and retail business

Real Estate Agent (2004 to 2012) – Bought and sold multimillion-dollar homes. Worked directly with banks and mortgage lenders to obtain proper financing and successfully profited from property investments. California Real-Estate License DRE # 01742898

International Military Equipment Broker (2012 to Current) - USA Broker defense trade code: K-2900. Involved in the sourcing and procuring of military weapons and equipment for the government of Thailand.  Brokered large trade deals with foreign and domestic partners to successfully negotiate sales and long terms contracts benefiting all parties. Worked directly as an international consultant with the Ministry of Defense of the Thailand Government. Successfully identified fitting investors with capital for project owners’ specific needs.  


•  Pattaya Memorial Hospital - Pattaya, Thailand (1978 to Present)

•  Helped designed social security and health systems for Thailand government in 1993

•  Defence International Co., Ltd.

•  Versure Group Co., Ltd.

•  Pristine International Co., Ltd. 


•  USA, United Kingdom, Europe, Thailand   

Highly experienced in brokering and locating capital for large-scale projects such as green energy systems, defense equipment, new technology products, and various kind of properties, commercial buildings, including real estate and land.  Built and maintained superior relationships with international financial sources and high ranking government officials, military generals, and other important political officials.  (1978 to Present).

Consultant for large-scale multinational companies around the world and business owners on strategies to expand revenue streams through importing and exporting as well as customs rules and regulations (1988 to Present).

Assist and advise government officials of the House of Representatives of Thailand. Adviser to the Committee on the Armed Forces for new technology and international cooperation.
Fluent Languages:  Thai / English
Citizenship: Dual United States and Thailand